How many people can be drawn in one hour?
Each digital caricature takes about 5 minutes in black & white and about 7 minutes in color. Around 10 to 12 guests will be drawn in one hour for black & white and around 8 in color. Even if there is a situation where not everyone is able to be drawn, the novelty of the medium provides great entertainment to those standing around watching the drawing process come together
on the HD display.

What do I need to provide?
The artist will need a three foot long table and two chairs near an electrical outlet. All other equipment is provided, including a 24 inch LED screen.

How much space do you need?
The artist will need space for a three foot long table, an electrical outlet and two chairs.

How will people get their digital copies?
At the end of each day the drawings will be uploaded to a webpage where each guest can download their caricature. There will be a link to the webpage on each print out so the guests will know
where to go.

Are there any additional fees?
There will be a daily parking fee which varies depending on the venue. In general the daily parking fee at most venues ranges from $15 to $25. 


How much do you charge?
My rate is $120 an hour with a $250 minimum for the Nashville area.

What style and media do you work in?
I draw caricatures using black permanent markers and Prisma Color Artstix for color. I have also been known to draw with 3mm graphite lead holder with a blending stump for shading effects.

How long does a caricature drawing take?
It takes about 5 to 7 minutes for each individual person in Black & White. Color doubles the time for one drawing.

What size paper do you use for caricatures?
I draw on 12" x 16" 80lb cardstock paper.

How many people can you draw per page?
I can draw up to 5 people in one drawing.

Can you draw from photos?
It is possible, but I would discourage it at an event due to the fact that it can slow the process down. Photos tend to take longer because they are two dimensional as opposed to a live subject.

I have an event with a large number of guests. Will you be able to draw everyone?
For larger events I can provide multiple artists in order get as many of your guests drawn as possible.

Do I need to provide anything at the event?
I will need two to three armless chairs and a fairly well lit area. With advanced notice I can provide my own light as long as I am set up near a power outlet. Also, it is preferable to have some sort of shelter if the event is outdoors.

Are there any additional fees?
There will be a parking fee if there is pay only parking at the venue. In general the parking fee at most venues ranges from $10 to $25.

What areas do you serve?
I serve Nashville, TN (2 hour minimum) Chattanooga, TN (3 hour minimum) Knoxville, TN (3 hour minimum) Memphis, TN (3 hour minimum) Bowling Green, KY (2 hour minimum) Lexington, KY (4 hour minimum) Louisville, KY (3 hour minimum) Birmingham, AL (3 hour minimum) Huntsville, AL (3 hour minimum.)

Anywhere outside of these areas or events that are below the minimum hourly requirement may require additional travel charges.